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Wandre Calypso February 1958 Antonio Pioli Guitar Art

Wandre Calypso February 1958 Antonio Pioli Guitar Art



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Descrizione del prodotto

Wandrè Calypso, model from February 1958
Probably the most rare Wandre Ever
Version with Double Davoli Pickup
The Perfect union of Art and playbility

Amazing Crackled Finish with unique paintings
It is complitely original, from the neck to the body,
Original guitar strap pin on the back
Have you ever seen a G Shape neck, really weird but
playable at the same time

Sperm symbols on the back of the headstock
and on the sound holes
The Binding is there too and it is perfect

The internal part is like a Violin with
suspended wood structure

W Alluminium Bridge, made only for rare models

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