RIF 657  Fender Cyber Twin Amplifer 2x12 Combo Modeling Amp

RIF 657 Fender Cyber Twin Amplifer 2×12 Combo Modeling Amp



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Descrizione del prodotto

L’amplificatore è in ottime condizioni generali
Monta due coni G12t 100 Celestion
e una valvola sul pre.
1300 Watts Amplifier
con 250 presets totali
100 presets customizzabili
Pedaliera e footswitch inclusi

Info 3664844585 Antonio


The Fender Cyber-Twin is a powerful, versatile solution that could be the perfect solution for a gigging guitarist.
Twin Celestion G12T-100 speakers that sports a tube preamp
in combination with analog and digital circuitry
that reconfigures itself depending upon the sound needed,
rewiring the sound as needed.
The stereo amplifier pumps out 65 watts per channel for a total of 130 watts.
The Cyber-Twin SE also features 250 total preset sounds,
100 of which are user customizable.
The remaining 150 sounds feature the best of Fender’s own amp collection (from the Deluxe Reverb and Bassman to the Vibro-King and Twin Reverb)
plus emulations of other classic amps such as Marshalls and Mesa Boogies.

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