RIF 490 1966 Yamaha SG3 Sunburst Nippon Gakki Made in Japan

RIF 490 1966 Yamaha SG3 Sunburst Nippon Gakki Made in Japan



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Descrizione del prodotto

Rara Chitarra Made in Japan SG3
Surf Guitar
Primissima Produzione del 1966
Con Logo Yamaha in Metallo

Solidbody con 3 pickups
e switch alla Fender Jazzmaster

Completa di leva del tremolo originale

Info 3664844585. Antonio

Descrizione Inglese
It comes with the original tremolo arm included
The first Yamaha electric guitar
Early script logo with the “medal” intact on the headstock.

Very rare 1966 Yamaha SG3 in sunburst finish
from first year of production.
Made in Japan for 2 years between 1966 and 1968,
the SG-3 is a 3 pickup solidbody double cutaway
electric with Fender Jazzmaster inspired switching systems.

Its radical body design and tremolo
system captured not only the attention
of the day’s youth, but professional guitarists as well.

This model of guitar may well be the coolest looking guitar
on the planet and is as rare as a hens tooth.

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